Tub Time

Look:  Have you ever heard if you child is a crab...just add water?  Well it is very true.  Sometimes the kids get rammy, crabby and begin to meltdown.  It seems to happen right around 4ish a few days a week.  So this is when I plop them in the tub, whether they are clean or dirty. 
Learn:  Yup, it works.  As you can see on their face, they are happy as clams.  We either rely on the toys in the tub for entertainment.  Or we work in the bubbles, plastic cooking stuff or boats.  When they are really crabby, I bathe them separately so that jaws doesn't appear in our tub.

Love: I love how water can magically transform my babies.  So glad to have learned this before this toddler phase came up.  Because "the witching hour" comes around to the Smith house quite often. 

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