Tried and True Tuesday...shrimp and penne

This one is a yummy dish that I adapted from a meal I had a great local restaurant known as Winberie's. 
We ate their before kids and I had a to die for dish on their patio. We can't really make it with the cheese here now, but I have done different forms.  The last time I had a girl's getaway, I made a version with mixed greens and penne for a lighter feel.  I could also see these ingredients (sans pasta) made a delicious wrap or sandwich.  It also makes a great dinner party dish because you can make the pasta and shrimp ahead.  Then have the ingredients ready and saute together just before eating. Uh, oh.... now I am getting hungry!

Winberie’s Shrimp and Penne

Penne Pasta (cooked)
Shrimp (cooked)
Pine nuts
Crumbled Feta Cheese
Grated Parmesan
Diced Tomatoes (no juice or seeds)
Olive Oil and minced garlic

Saute spinach in olive oil and garlic mixture.    Add pasta and shrimp.  Next add pine nuts and tomatoes.  Last add cheeses to just get warm.

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