Monday Menu Plan

Monday:Roast an entire chicken for use through the week ala Musings of a housewife.
We're going to have chicken, grilled potatoes and veg.

Tuesday:: Grill a very large flank steak for use through the week.   Chelsea has been loving brown meat.  We'll do Flank Steak, breadsticks and veg

Wednesday:; Salad with flank steak and breadsticks
 What is awesome about this week is we can have chicken and roast beef sandwiches all week!

Thursday:: Making Chicken wrap ups for the fam.  I am hosting book club going to make hungry girls chicken egg rolls and Kelsey's apple, pear tart. She was my fave on Food network star and I love her cooking channel show.

Friday::As usual it will be pizza night...can't wait.

Saturday: Date night...this means I either cook a take out fake out or we do takeout...who knows? I have been adoring Bobby Flay, so if the weather is good, we'll grill and have fun.

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