Fitness Friday

My intent this year was to get walking.  Wanted to walk 1000 miles.  Well guess what?  I did it.  I was pretty good about charting my progress until I began my second job in September.  Although I kept up my walking, my blogging about it fell short.  So for this last post I wanted to give you the major view from the last few months.

Last blog 9/2: 694 miles
Remainder of Sept:85 miles.  Total:779
October: 90 miles Total: 869
November: 96 miles Total 965
December:70 miles 
Total for the year of 2011 1024!!!

One of the main reasons I set out to do this was to grow more fond of walking.  Mission accomplished.  I have found ways to work walking into everything.  Throughout the year I tried to trade between one and five trips I'd usually take in a car for a walk. Even though the trip would take longer because I was walking, it was worth it because I snuck in a workout.  The main thing I learned this year was by taking a stroll I seriously cleared my head.  The time to think, the time to enjoy fresh air, the time to focus on me was the perk I didn't see coming.  2011 was such a great year, can't wait for 2012!


Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Taco and Burrito...yes I make the fillings (ground beef, homemade refried beans, southwest vegetables) and everyone does their own thing.  Usually the kids make mini tacos, Chris makes a pile and dips and I make a burrito. 

Tuesday: Pasta and Meatballs...may have some frozen vegan ravioli to try.  I am heading out with friends, so I will make this before I leave.

Wednesday: We have a date night.  So the kids will be having some leftovers...we have sliced roast beef, chips and hummus with fruit and veg.

Thursday: Roast Chicken Dinner.  Nothing better than cooking a great chicken dinner.

Friday: We'll do some fun pizza with leftover toppings for family fun night.  Our tradition is to have a relaxing dinner then watch a great flick.  This week it's snow buddies!

Saturday:Date night In: Chris and I try to have date night in every so often.  This weekend we will set aside Saturday.  The kids will eat leftovers at dinner time and i will create a delish dish after they are in bed.  It's a TBD based on what we have and what we are in the mood for!


Fitness Friday

This Week
Saturday 3miles
Sunday  0 miles
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 4 miles 
Friday  3 miles

Previous few weeks total: 68 miles
This week 22 miles
Total in 2011: 694

So I am going strong.  I am becoming slightly addicted to walking.  Each time I go out for a jaunt, I get an amazing feeling.  It's a peaceful, yet excited feeling.  It's a healthy, yet indulgent feeling.  Doing something for yourself can be all that and more!  I highly recommend doing something for yourself!


Wordless Wednesday At the park!

Whats for lunch bento

Bento Lunch

Clementines, cucumbers, strawberries, juice box, 
individual hummus (sold now in costco...whoot!) and a fruit snack stick.
Not pictured: pita chips for the dip!

Took these photos over the weekend, but didn't take a photo of what was in their bento.  We have had not trouble bringing these to restaurants.  The kids color and chat for a bit, then get down to the business at hand...eating.  It is a welcome break for me from cooking and a welcome break for my tastebuds (that crave cheese).   Could these kids get any cuter?

Top Ten Tuesday

Clothing addition...top ten pieces I can't live without. I am not a fashion diva.  I enjoy feeling cute, but it has to be simple!

1. Levi Jeans:: Have them in light and dark.  Dark dresses up, light is casual.  They fit me great so this is why I love them!

2.White Camis:: I wear these under everything from a thin shirt to a heavy sweater.

3. Keens shoes

4. Land's End Cardigans:: They come in a range of colors. At certain times of the year they are a steal.  Thinking of changing up some of the buttons to give some zing to the looks.  But for now they are fine.

5. Colorful necklaces:: When in doubt add a colorful necklace to make an outfit feel complete.

6.Casual Fun cotton dresses:: Doesn't matter the season I have one or two solid colored cotton dresses.  These can be worn alone or worn with lots of accessories.

7. My flats::  I have cute flats in plain black, shiny reptile red, coral and patent leather blue with buckles.  These can be worn with dresses, jeans, pants and skirts.  They are a must have from fall to spring.

8. PJs:: yes I did say pjs.  Once dinner is over and I know we are in for the night, I love changing into my cute, comfy pajamas.  I have a range of cute sets and adorable nightgowns.  Getting dressed down for be puts me in a relaxed mood.

9.  Workout gear::  I love to walk.  I also like really playing with my kids at the playground or on outings.  So I need a few cute looks that can go from working out to the grocery store.

10. A sweatsuit::  A must, every year I buy my kids one adorable sweatsuit for those lazy days in the house when it's raining or we have colds.  I have two sweatsuits of my own that go with these days.  It's almost like eating comfort food when I'm in them.  This year I'm thinking of buying myself a new sweatsuit to go with the kids.

Two Little Birds

Yesterday my little Gavin decided he wanted to pretend he was a bird.  His sister is more than happy to get in on any sort of make believe.  So the two built a nest with all the down twigs from Hurricane Irene. 
They took turns flying around the yard to feed each other.  Thankfully the menu wasn't for worms, but pine cones.
When it came time for dinner, they asked if they could eat outside.  When I set up their table, they flew over for their meal.  I'll give them this...they stay in character pretty well.


Singing in the Rain

  Every time we pass even the tiniest puddle while crossing the street, Gavin almost pulls off my arm to jump in it.  So today as the sky opened up, both my kids were glued to the front window.  They eagerly watched as the streets swelled.  We heard rumbling thunder and saw lightening flash.  My little ones wanted to go for a walk in rain.  I explained that it would have to be later.  Fast forward about two hours and the kids are geared up with their boots and raincoats ready to go!

We made our loop, spotting puddles along the way.  The kids noticed the water flowing into the storm sewers in our neighborhood.  So we had a little lesson and followed them all the way to our creek.  The creek was churned up and as brown as chocolate silk.  It was swollen (not as much as after the hurricane) and reaching up the banks further than on our last visit.  The best part is we were able to spot the drain pipe where the storm sewer water meets the creek.  Sort of fascinating.

My husband doesn't like when he sees people washing off their car, or discharging any sort of liquid into the street.  So I took the lesson one step further and showed them the grates and how they should be kept clean and free of debris.  Conveniently, our storm sewers are labeled with a cute fish logo that says...water only, drains to stream

Menu Plan Monday

Monday:: Hurricane leftovers.  Like the rest of the east coasters, I believed we'd be without electricity, water and basic home conveniences.  So I cooked ahead burgers, tomato pie, pasta, tomato soup and chicken nuggets.  I diced up watermelon, cantelope and various veggies. I even sliced up some salami.  So dinner and many lunches this week will be leftovers.

Tuesday::  I have a dinner date with a friend.  We're using coupons for free meals from chik fila, then off for pedicures.  Leaving the kids and Chris with leftover pasta, sauce and salad.

Wednesday::  Grilled Herbed Chicken.  Drying out some of the herbs from my garden.  I'll then put it through my food processor for the perfect consistency.  Then we'll use some to coat chicken now, freeze some for later and olive oil to others for an amazing herb oil.  We'll through some asparagus, squash and eggplant on the grill too.  Making some honey wheat breadsticks in my breadmaker as a side.  The kids love those.

Uh oh...getting hungry now.

Thursday:: Quesadillas without cheese are super yummy.  I will defrost some leftover taco meat, make refried beans and add in the extra tomato, peppers, cilantro.  This is my new favorite meal.

Weekend:  I will be traveling to a wedding in Chicago.  Once I find out what the family wants I'll prep ahead some of it to make it an easier weekend on my sweet husband. 


Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Hummus and a variety of dippers

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken and veggies.  2 farmers market and a country junction store...we're bursting with veggies.  Asparagus, corn, eggplant and squash are on the agenda.  Best part, with the leftovers I can dice them small and make a fabulous pasta salad or panzanella!

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes

Thursday: Mini pigs in a blanket.  Can you believe I found kosher (meaning allergy safe) mini hot dogs.  Thinking of making my own dough and wrapping these bad boys up.  We'll have a salad as well!

Friday: Heading out on a trip, we'll probably have some leftovers revisited on the road.

Saturday:  We'll have friends for the weekend.  Hoping to serve my easy, breezy pulled chicken.  Seriously, organic chicken + favorite bbq sauce (store or homemade) + crockpot= yum.my!  Last time I made this my kids tried it and were hooked.

Sunday: Winding down the weekend, we'll probably bring leftovers on the way home for the kids.


Fitness Friday

Heel Spurs.  Yes, heel spurs kept me from walking for exercise for a few weeks.  Doc said to give it a rest, stretch and ice.  I did that for a few weeks and then began back at walking.  No difference if I walk or don't walk...so I say WALK!  I cut my walks a bit and/or divide them into two times a day instead of one long one.  But I am back at it and ready to report.

This Week
Saturday 3 miles
Sunday 3 miles
Monday 3 miles
Tuesday 2 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 2 miles 
Friday  4 miles

Previous 5 weeks total: about 50 miles
This week 21 miles
Total in 2011: 634



Night Out (with the kids!!)
Dress:: Macy's
Cardi: Old Navy
Shoes:: Clarks from Nordstrom Rack
 Necklace and Children:: my own creations

Busy Day (playgrounds, appointments, work and lunch out!)
Shorts:: Costco (Docker's)
Shirt:: Kmart
Earrings:: Kohls
Necklace:: Target
Shoes: BOC

Kid Day
Shorts:: Costco (Calvin Klein)
Shirt:: Lands End
Shoes:: Keens
Necklace:: Made by supersweet friend for me!

These are from the past few weeks.  Seems like summer is a hard time to remember to take a photo.  Also I sort of have a uniform in the summer...shorts, tee, sandals.  There isn't much variety here.  But check out Pleated Poppy for some other inspiration.


Meal Plan Monday

Our lives have been uber hectic between work and trips...meal planning was usually done that day.  This week have a bit of a breather (sort of) so I've made up some plans.

Monday:: Homemade pizza dough for flat breads.  The kids usually pick just to put tomato sauce on theirs, but I'm putting veggies too.  We'll grill these to save from heating up the kitchen.

Tuesday:: Quesadillas  Going to try this for the first time, going to use homemade refried beans to stick the tortillas together instead of cheese.  We'll put in some some taco meat and veggies.

Wednesday::Sandwich and salad night.  Nice and cool, plus super easy.

Thursday:: Something from the freezer.  Again easy!!!!

Friday:: Grill out fun...TBD from one of my cookbooks and what is on sale when we hit the grocery store.

Saturday:: Going to a friends for an outdoor dinner.  Will bring bentos for the kids and I haven't decided what I'll bring to the party...again cookbooks and sale items!


What's for lunch

My Leftover Bentos::  Bentos are so perfect for carting a whole leftover meal with you.  This was from soft taco night.  There is brown rice, homemade refried beans, taco seasoned grilled chicken with corn on top and a few tortillas.  YUM!



pleated poppy
Black Shorts:: Target
Tanks:: Gap Outlet

Later that day after something got spilled on the tank
Tank:: Walmart
Jeans:: Levi
Tank:: Costco
Shoes:: DSW