Menu Plan Monday

Monday:: Hurricane leftovers.  Like the rest of the east coasters, I believed we'd be without electricity, water and basic home conveniences.  So I cooked ahead burgers, tomato pie, pasta, tomato soup and chicken nuggets.  I diced up watermelon, cantelope and various veggies. I even sliced up some salami.  So dinner and many lunches this week will be leftovers.

Tuesday::  I have a dinner date with a friend.  We're using coupons for free meals from chik fila, then off for pedicures.  Leaving the kids and Chris with leftover pasta, sauce and salad.

Wednesday::  Grilled Herbed Chicken.  Drying out some of the herbs from my garden.  I'll then put it through my food processor for the perfect consistency.  Then we'll use some to coat chicken now, freeze some for later and olive oil to others for an amazing herb oil.  We'll through some asparagus, squash and eggplant on the grill too.  Making some honey wheat breadsticks in my breadmaker as a side.  The kids love those.

Uh oh...getting hungry now.

Thursday:: Quesadillas without cheese are super yummy.  I will defrost some leftover taco meat, make refried beans and add in the extra tomato, peppers, cilantro.  This is my new favorite meal.

Weekend:  I will be traveling to a wedding in Chicago.  Once I find out what the family wants I'll prep ahead some of it to make it an easier weekend on my sweet husband. 

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