Taking the Train

Look: We took an old fashioned train ride and saw the lehigh gorge near Jim Thorpe. We decided to sit in the car with windows instead of the open car...good choice. We saw a few animals, the water and lots of bicycles.
Learn: I always get a bit anxious about trying something new, but this was a lot of fun. Chelsea and Gavin both enjoyed this little trip.
Love: I love that we had to wear sweatshirts in August...brrr.


Lunching with Friends

Look: We had lunch out of the house a lot this summer. It is something that really makes the day feel special. We went to parks for a friend's birthday. We hit the mall with strollers on other days to meet up with the ladies from work. And on other days the three of us would pull out a blanket and eat a picnic.
Learn: Chelsea loves seeing friends and Gavin just loves eating, so having a meal with others really satisfies both of them. For me its a little more work in advance, but coming home to a clean kitchen is the best feeling.
Love: What is not to love about fresh air, new scenery, good friends and food!


Our Yard

Look: From the moment we opened the front door of our home and saw the great yard through the sliding glass doors, we were sold. Right away I thought about how much Millie would love it. Next I thought about the great BBQs we could throw. And of course I thought about how much fun Chris and I would have relaxing with a beer in the back. But I never thought about how great it would be to have this yard with children. Its completely fenced, mostly flat and a terrific play area.
Learn: This summer the kids had a blast playing in their house, mowing the lawn and using their outdoor toys. But they also loved the stuff I could never plan....like finding bugs, gathering sticks, pulling weeds and more. So I learned that the outdoors is a terrific classroom!
Love: I've always wished I could live somewhere warmer so I could be outside all the time. This year I appreciate how great a 3 season climate can be. It was nice that it was rarely so hot we couldn't go out. I'm sure we'll use the yard a ton in the spring and fall too!