Our Yard

Look: From the moment we opened the front door of our home and saw the great yard through the sliding glass doors, we were sold. Right away I thought about how much Millie would love it. Next I thought about the great BBQs we could throw. And of course I thought about how much fun Chris and I would have relaxing with a beer in the back. But I never thought about how great it would be to have this yard with children. Its completely fenced, mostly flat and a terrific play area.
Learn: This summer the kids had a blast playing in their house, mowing the lawn and using their outdoor toys. But they also loved the stuff I could never plan....like finding bugs, gathering sticks, pulling weeds and more. So I learned that the outdoors is a terrific classroom!
Love: I've always wished I could live somewhere warmer so I could be outside all the time. This year I appreciate how great a 3 season climate can be. It was nice that it was rarely so hot we couldn't go out. I'm sure we'll use the yard a ton in the spring and fall too!

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