Rainy Vacation Moments

Look: For our first longer vacation in the poconos it rained and was very chilly practically everyday that Daddy wasn't there. So we filled our days with other things. We fed birds at the local outlets. The kids liked making forts with sheets in the house. We kept an eye on the outdoors looking for deer, too!
Learn: A trip that was supposed to be all swimming and sunshine isn't quite the same with bad weather. We had to wear layers because I had packed mostly tshirst and shorts. Finding things to do was challenging, especially since we were away from our art supplies and toys! I learned I need to research more things to do when yucky weather hits.
Love: No matter what this vacation really gave me the chance to watch the kids...even more closely than usual. We were stuck in the house with no TV, computer or home luxuries...so it became all about Gavin and Chelsea. And that was fun!

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Elise said...

The kids are so cute Aunt Eva! Mom and I were looking at your different blogs... We loved the one from awhile ago of Chelsea cutting open her velcro fruit, so funny! We were cracking up. Give Chelsea and Gavin a big hug and kiss from us!

-Elise and Mommy