The Mall

Look: There is a local mall with a giant carousel inside. We wanted to test out the new configuration on our stroller and ended up there. I had forgotten about the carousel until we walked up to it. At first C didn't want to go on it. But then once G and Mommy were going she was convinced. She did not like the horses, so we all ended up in a circular spinny thing. G spent the time looking out as we went round and round. C sat on Daddy's lap taking it all in.
We also tested out our double stroller with the jump seat. Chelsea was able to sit in the back facing us and ride.
Learn: I learned that we're not quite ready for carnivals yet, but we are ready for the stroller to have an easy exit for C.
Love: I'm all about getting out, so the fact that G was in heaven in the front of the stroller and C liked being a "big girl" was great!

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