Making Cookies

Look: What is the holiday season without making cookies.  On this day we rolled out our dough and tried to make shapes.  We did this right before lunch so we could eat the cookies for dessert.
Learn: My hubby liked doing this!  I thought the kids would eat the dough, but surprisingly they were working hard at making the shapes.
Love: Both G and C were very proud of their work on the cookies.


Redecorating the Tree

Look: Our tree has been up since the first week of December.  What is fun about this post is that it happens everyday.  Whenever we're in the living room, the kids take the liberty to take the ornaments off the tree and play with them. So each day our cute little ornaments find a new home. 
 Learn: I need to brainstorm more things that can be an ongoing activity for the kids. 
Love: I love the excitement every morning when we plug in the tree.  Both of their eyes light up and they are so happy.

Light Show

Look: We took the kids to a Philadelphia tradition, the light show in the old Wanamaker Building.  First we walked all around the store.  When it was time for the show, we sat right on the main floor on watched a great light show set to music.  The kids loved it.
Learn: The city is manageable, especially when I have Chris with me.  This trip made me excited for these type of annuals thing.
Love: This was such a fun time out!


The first Snow!

Look: Yippee, the first snow of the year fell on the perfect day.  We had nothing special to do, so we were able to suit up and enjoy it.
Learn: Chelsea is a natural snow bunny.  I don't know if it's the age, but she was all over the place running, building and playing in the snow.  Gavin wasn't as into it.  He went for a little walk with Daddy, then looked a bit miserable and cold.  I think by next year I will be able to suit them up and send them in the yard for playing!
Love: We made so many great memories on this terrific snow day.

Fountains and Santa


Look: Today we went to the mall to see Santa.  His helpers  had a sign saying no cameras.  This year Chelsea did a great job and sat right on his lap.  She told him what she wanted for Christmas.  Gavin also sat on Santa's lap but wasn't happy about it.  Both the kids got a painting pictures from Santa.  After seeing Santa we had a great lunch and then played at the fountains. 
Learn:  Every year could be different when it comes to visiting Santa.  I wonder who will like it next year.  We've gone to the fountains before, but this time we spent about twenty minutes watching the water go up and down.  They loved it.
Love: On the love this today was how cute my kids looked wearing red when visiting the guy in the big red suit and the great red fountains!