Fitness Friday

My intent this year was to get walking.  Wanted to walk 1000 miles.  Well guess what?  I did it.  I was pretty good about charting my progress until I began my second job in September.  Although I kept up my walking, my blogging about it fell short.  So for this last post I wanted to give you the major view from the last few months.

Last blog 9/2: 694 miles
Remainder of Sept:85 miles.  Total:779
October: 90 miles Total: 869
November: 96 miles Total 965
December:70 miles 
Total for the year of 2011 1024!!!

One of the main reasons I set out to do this was to grow more fond of walking.  Mission accomplished.  I have found ways to work walking into everything.  Throughout the year I tried to trade between one and five trips I'd usually take in a car for a walk. Even though the trip would take longer because I was walking, it was worth it because I snuck in a workout.  The main thing I learned this year was by taking a stroll I seriously cleared my head.  The time to think, the time to enjoy fresh air, the time to focus on me was the perk I didn't see coming.  2011 was such a great year, can't wait for 2012!


Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Taco and Burrito...yes I make the fillings (ground beef, homemade refried beans, southwest vegetables) and everyone does their own thing.  Usually the kids make mini tacos, Chris makes a pile and dips and I make a burrito. 

Tuesday: Pasta and Meatballs...may have some frozen vegan ravioli to try.  I am heading out with friends, so I will make this before I leave.

Wednesday: We have a date night.  So the kids will be having some leftovers...we have sliced roast beef, chips and hummus with fruit and veg.

Thursday: Roast Chicken Dinner.  Nothing better than cooking a great chicken dinner.

Friday: We'll do some fun pizza with leftover toppings for family fun night.  Our tradition is to have a relaxing dinner then watch a great flick.  This week it's snow buddies!

Saturday:Date night In: Chris and I try to have date night in every so often.  This weekend we will set aside Saturday.  The kids will eat leftovers at dinner time and i will create a delish dish after they are in bed.  It's a TBD based on what we have and what we are in the mood for!


Fitness Friday

This Week
Saturday 3miles
Sunday  0 miles
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 4 miles 
Friday  3 miles

Previous few weeks total: 68 miles
This week 22 miles
Total in 2011: 694

So I am going strong.  I am becoming slightly addicted to walking.  Each time I go out for a jaunt, I get an amazing feeling.  It's a peaceful, yet excited feeling.  It's a healthy, yet indulgent feeling.  Doing something for yourself can be all that and more!  I highly recommend doing something for yourself!


Wordless Wednesday At the park!

Whats for lunch bento

Bento Lunch

Clementines, cucumbers, strawberries, juice box, 
individual hummus (sold now in costco...whoot!) and a fruit snack stick.
Not pictured: pita chips for the dip!

Took these photos over the weekend, but didn't take a photo of what was in their bento.  We have had not trouble bringing these to restaurants.  The kids color and chat for a bit, then get down to the business at hand...eating.  It is a welcome break for me from cooking and a welcome break for my tastebuds (that crave cheese).   Could these kids get any cuter?

Top Ten Tuesday

Clothing addition...top ten pieces I can't live without. I am not a fashion diva.  I enjoy feeling cute, but it has to be simple!

1. Levi Jeans:: Have them in light and dark.  Dark dresses up, light is casual.  They fit me great so this is why I love them!

2.White Camis:: I wear these under everything from a thin shirt to a heavy sweater.

3. Keens shoes

4. Land's End Cardigans:: They come in a range of colors. At certain times of the year they are a steal.  Thinking of changing up some of the buttons to give some zing to the looks.  But for now they are fine.

5. Colorful necklaces:: When in doubt add a colorful necklace to make an outfit feel complete.

6.Casual Fun cotton dresses:: Doesn't matter the season I have one or two solid colored cotton dresses.  These can be worn alone or worn with lots of accessories.

7. My flats::  I have cute flats in plain black, shiny reptile red, coral and patent leather blue with buckles.  These can be worn with dresses, jeans, pants and skirts.  They are a must have from fall to spring.

8. PJs:: yes I did say pjs.  Once dinner is over and I know we are in for the night, I love changing into my cute, comfy pajamas.  I have a range of cute sets and adorable nightgowns.  Getting dressed down for be puts me in a relaxed mood.

9.  Workout gear::  I love to walk.  I also like really playing with my kids at the playground or on outings.  So I need a few cute looks that can go from working out to the grocery store.

10. A sweatsuit::  A must, every year I buy my kids one adorable sweatsuit for those lazy days in the house when it's raining or we have colds.  I have two sweatsuits of my own that go with these days.  It's almost like eating comfort food when I'm in them.  This year I'm thinking of buying myself a new sweatsuit to go with the kids.