Mom's Club Ambulance Tour

Look: If you know me, you know I love my moms club. Mostly because I've met amazing women and made true friends. Today they planned an ambulance tour. C got to actually walk through one loved it.
Learn: I got to quiz the ambulance men about procedures with allergies. Now I feel even more confident if something should happen and we have to call the Layfayette peeps.
Love: Today was fun for the kids.


Look: G always falls asleep on the way home from any playground. Even the ones around the corner. I pack them lunches A LOT to avoid him missing lunch. Today we met up with some friends for a playground morning, then we grabbed a bench for lunch.
Learn: I learned this trick a while ago about out. With C's food issues we have always had to bring her food. It used to seem like a pain, but now its great. Got a handy dandy to go case with slim ice pack. Then when we get home their are no dishes, no mess in the kitchen and its off to naps for both of them!
Love:I love when we can enjoy the weather and a meal!


Playing in the puddles

Look: Today there was a little rain storm during the late afternoon. So after dinner we suited up and headed out to jump in puddles. The kids had an absolute blast. This video is only a glimpse of how much they loved splashing with their feet.

Learn: Getting messy and wet just before bathtime is the best way to do this. Chelsea's pants were covered in mud and Gavin sat down in quite a few puddles. But they had so much fun splashing about, jumping and searching for puddles. This activity was fun and the reason I bought the boots in the first place.

Love: Gavin's boots came up almost over his knees. His walk was too funny for words and his smile was the best.


Firefighter parade

Look: Today there

were 300 firetrucks and ambulances in our neighborhood. We hit a playground then lunched alongside the road for this event.

Learn: My kids loved this and I must seek out these types of things for them. Add lunch, a few friends nearby and it was the perfect morning.

Love: Being part of the community has always been my thing...I'm just glad there was finally something in KoP to be a part of!!!


Pizza Party

Look: Every Friday night we make

pizza and watch a movie. This Friday we decided to make it an "Event" and have our friends over too.

Learn: Take more pictures (only took 2) of the kids. I think everyone had fun, just wish I had more evidence.

Love: I love the new friends we've made through our toddlers. Friday was a terrific night for the kids and the adults!


Walking Ernie

Look: Today we caught a catepillar. C named her Ernie. We were ready to go for a walk before Daddy came home and Chelsea announced that Ernie needed to go for a walk too.

Learn: Catepillars can hide in little cages. Two times on our walk, Ernie was missing and C was quite upset. Other thing I learned was that Gavin is easily distractable, walking around the block was actually painful because he tried to pick up every stick, rock, piece of trash...you name it.

Love: I love that C's imagination is so broad that she is naming her little pets and caring for them. Also I love that I have two mobile kids for walks!


Flower Boxes

Look: It's time to put some fall flowers in our flowers boxes. The kids helped me put the mums in and water them.
Learn: First thing I learned was to move the boxes to the grass, because G loves flinging dirt. Next I learned asking a 2 year old and a 1 year old to water a plant doesn't mean it will get done. We ended our science experiment with two sopping wet outfits and dry plants.
Love: It's so great to get a chore done and have the kids involved. Even though they weren't especially "helpful" the project got done. What more can I ask for?


Look: We went to a spectacular Birthday party for Alivia. Playgrounds, paint and party!
Learn: The only way to see if we can do well at a party is to try it out. I was very careful and Chelsea did fine. We brought our own treat and she and Gavin didn't even notice the difference.
Love: The party gifts were water colors and both my kids are loving trying these paints!



Look: My very clever husband is refinishing the hardwood floors in our house. I took the kids to the poconos for the weekend, but we all missed each other immensely. We came home just as he finished...which meant the kids couldn't sleep in their rooms. We decided to camp.
Learn: Old lite sticks can sometimes break. Around 9ish we were playing with glowsticks and one exploded all over Gavin. Other thing we learned is kids can sleep anywhere.
Love: This was a total blast. We will be planning a bunch of camping trips next year. I love that Gavin walked around the tent saying "boo" to everyone before finally settling down. I also love that this is the first time I slept with my kids over night. We're sort of strict about them sleeping in our bed, so this was a great way to bend the rules.