Rainy Vacation Moments

Look: For our first longer vacation in the poconos it rained and was very chilly practically everyday that Daddy wasn't there. So we filled our days with other things. We fed birds at the local outlets. The kids liked making forts with sheets in the house. We kept an eye on the outdoors looking for deer, too!
Learn: A trip that was supposed to be all swimming and sunshine isn't quite the same with bad weather. We had to wear layers because I had packed mostly tshirst and shorts. Finding things to do was challenging, especially since we were away from our art supplies and toys! I learned I need to research more things to do when yucky weather hits.
Love: No matter what this vacation really gave me the chance to watch the kids...even more closely than usual. We were stuck in the house with no TV, computer or home luxuries...so it became all about Gavin and Chelsea. And that was fun!


Pro Photos

Look: We needed to get professional pictures taken of Gavin for his first birthday. Also, we've never gotten these type of pro shots of both of them. I didn't realize I needed to make an appointment. Not thinking that there would be long waits at 3 out of 4 places. We ended up being squeezed in at Sears and the photos turned out great. At first she just took photos of Gavin, but then Chelsea was very interested in doing it as well. She got into getting some solo shots, then had a meltdown when we put Gavin on the one for the final shots.

Learn: I learned to make appointments next time. Also I was worried about what to put them in. This made me realize they have adorable things in their closet, no need for an extra trip to the store.



The Mall

Look: There is a local mall with a giant carousel inside. We wanted to test out the new configuration on our stroller and ended up there. I had forgotten about the carousel until we walked up to it. At first C didn't want to go on it. But then once G and Mommy were going she was convinced. She did not like the horses, so we all ended up in a circular spinny thing. G spent the time looking out as we went round and round. C sat on Daddy's lap taking it all in.
We also tested out our double stroller with the jump seat. Chelsea was able to sit in the back facing us and ride.
Learn: I learned that we're not quite ready for carnivals yet, but we are ready for the stroller to have an easy exit for C.
Love: I'm all about getting out, so the fact that G was in heaven in the front of the stroller and C liked being a "big girl" was great!


Good Old Playgroup!

Look: Today was C's playgroup. So much went on and BOTH of my kids had a blast. This is an extraordinary group of kids and mommies. C loved playing doctor, with the stroller and with her friends. G liked playing shy with other mommies and the elmo stand up toy.
Learn: This weekly ritual is such a neat part of watching the kids grow up. I sat back a bit today and watched just how much the kids are all learning from one another.
Love: I love, love, love playgroup!


Look: Gavin loves, loves, loves bathtime. He really enjoys every minute from splashing to getting his hair washed. When its a bath night he sits in the water inspecting the toys, watching the bubbles and giggling a lot. This photo is taken when I just got him out in his froggy towel. His face says it all. He even likes the after bath lotion, diapering and drying!

Learn: I knew it before, but Gavin is a very happy little boy! He is usually very laid back about whatever we're doing. But I love these times when he gets excited about his favorite activities.

Love: I love bathtime and my little bathing frog!


A visit with Supermom, aka Katie!

Look: We ventured into the city today to see Katie. She is visiting for a conference and we couldn't wait to see her. As I mentioned before, I used to be a city gal, but since moving to the burbs and having the kids...I haven't gotten there much. We got there early and had time to drive around and scout out Mommy's old hang out spots. Then we met Katie and had a delicious picnic in her hotel room. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I thought it would take C and G a bit to warm up, but because Katie is "supermom" she put them to ease by not pushing hard and interacting with them in just the right way. We crawled, played and ate in the hotel. The highlights were the elevator and the fountain. On the way home both kids fell asleep within 10 minutes of leaving the hotel which is always a sign that fun was had!
Learn: With planning, the city is doable with the two tots in tow. It's great to have friends that are parents too because they are just as flexible and understanding as we would be.

Love: I love seeing my friends from highschool and college. Its so nice to have a chance for them to meet my kids. I can't wait to see Katie's daughter Elizabeth again (now 5) and meet James(who is 2 1/2). I can't believe we are all mommies!


Lunching with Dolls

Look: Today we tried a new strategy for lunch. C has been a bit reluctant to sit at the table and eat. But she really enjoyed feeding her babies at the table too. She ate an entire lunch! Yippee.

Learn: Mixing things up is a good idea. Always doing the same routine can cause rebellion.
Love: I love that C couldn't just feed one baby, she had to be like Mommy and have two!


Geese and Logan

Look: Today we shared our new favorite park with Logan and his Mommy Jess. The kids seemed to really enjoy the playground, but loved going to see the geese even more. We spent close to 30 minutes walking back and forth on the bridge that overlooks the geese pond. The big kids liked looking over the railing and feeling tall.
Learn: Doing things with friends is good medicine. C. had a hard weekend behavior wise and laughing with Jess was just the right medicine for me. Just like the weekend, my little girl had a tantrum when it was time to leave, but it didn't erase the fact that we had a blast before hand. It can be tempting to stay home and avoid the public tantrums, but in my opinion having fun can be worth the trouble it leads to with a two year old.
Love: I love these two little ones! Chelsea talks about Logan a lot, so today was a lot of fun.