Geese and Logan

Look: Today we shared our new favorite park with Logan and his Mommy Jess. The kids seemed to really enjoy the playground, but loved going to see the geese even more. We spent close to 30 minutes walking back and forth on the bridge that overlooks the geese pond. The big kids liked looking over the railing and feeling tall.
Learn: Doing things with friends is good medicine. C. had a hard weekend behavior wise and laughing with Jess was just the right medicine for me. Just like the weekend, my little girl had a tantrum when it was time to leave, but it didn't erase the fact that we had a blast before hand. It can be tempting to stay home and avoid the public tantrums, but in my opinion having fun can be worth the trouble it leads to with a two year old.
Love: I love these two little ones! Chelsea talks about Logan a lot, so today was a lot of fun.

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