Shark Store

Look: These pictures may be hard to tell what is going on, I apologize for that.  We went to a local aquarium store that has a huge tanks with sharks...yes, sharks!  The entire back of the store is dark with lighting only in the aquariums.  The kids loved it.  We spent about an hour looking at all the fish for sale and circling the shark tank.
Learn: I'd heard about this place before, but it wasn't until I was going batty from the heatwaves and being indoors that we went.  It will now be on my list of a monthly thing to do because the kids loved it so much.  Love: I loved talking about fish with the kids.  It was a pleasure to go through this awesome place and see their eyes light up!

Hugging Like Crazy

Look: What's new in my house?  My kids love to hug.  They hug in the morning, they hug on the couch, they hug before naps, they hug in the car...it's an epidemic of hugging.  Had to capture it to share.
Learn: G and C are becoming very good friends and like to show their affection.  It is to cute.  The best time was when I was paying for our purchase at CVS, C leaned in to hug G and said "I love you Davin"  The older ladies around me just swooned.  I think we made their day.
Love: Love the smiles on their faces and the fact that I catch them hugging at least 10 times a day.  It makes my day and reminds me why it's all worth it!


Look:  A friend introduced me to a local arboretum that is free.  So I've been trying to plan different things to do there.  On this day we were doing a color hunt.  The kids had swatches of color and got to turn them in when they found something with that color.  On the hunt there was running, plant touching and finding shadows (no C isn't mad she is showing me her shadow in that pic).  At the end we sat by a beautiful pond having a snack.
Learn: This was really simple and really fun.  Some of the best fun came when we had to run through sprinklers to continue our walk.  I thought the kids were going to freak out, but instead they asked to run through them numerous times.  Now I just need to find more things to do at this place because it's my new fave!
Love:  I love free, I love fun and this was both.  It always makes me feel like a good mom when we can get out, have fun and learn .  Great combo!

Philly Zoo

Look: We got a membership at the Philadelphia Zoo. We bought the membership with money we were sent by Chris's generous Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob for Birthdays and holidays.  Seemed like a great idea to put it towards something we could enjoy all year.    So far we've used it a bunch and the kids have enjoyed every moment.
Learn: Of course we've showed them tons of photos, books and videos of animals, but until you see one in person it just isn't the same.  Each new animal we'd come upon they would clammer asking what animal it was.  Some of the favorites were of course the polar bear, the giraffes and the cat exhibit. 
Love: This is a special thing, but because it's a membership it's something we can do throughout the year.  Love that we live near a big zoo and big city like Philadelphia...so much to show the kids.

Matthew's Birthday

Look: We went to a local restaurant for my nephew Matthew's Birthday.  Our kids love restaurants (even though due to allergies I bring their food).  I think it's because of all the people watching, feeling like big kids and fun that usually happens.  As you can see by the pictures they loved seeing their cousins, aunts and uncles.
Learn:  Everytime you take your kids out in public it's a learning experience.  On this occasion I learned Gavin can be heard over anything, even in the loudest restaurants.  Also it seems to me that Chelsea is becoming a big kid right in front of my eyes.
Love:  It's a fun occasion to get time with my family.  This was no exception.  Everyone in our family was talking about it for days...so sweet!


Look:  This was our first experience with rides and amusement parks.  We decided to go to Dutch Wonderland with the kids and Grandma.  A few days before our trip I began showing the kids photos and talking about DW.  They were uber duber excited and worked up by the time we actually arrived in Lancaster.  They loved, loved, loved going on all the rides.  And they loved that Grandma was there for it!
Learn: A ride with the slowest movement is probably best for my heart.  The first ride we put them on was a whip.  Silly me, I didn't watch the ride go before putting my kids on it.  It whipped around the corner looking like it was giving the kids a bit of whiplash.  After that I was sure to eye up what was happening on the ride before placing my precious children on them.
Love: We made a ton of great memories that day.  Chelsea and Gavin talked about it for days and asked to watch the DW promo on the computer daily.  Since then every once and a while C will ask..."Where did we go with Grandma?"  I'll say "Dutch Wonderland."  Then Gavin will say " I love Dutch Wonderland."  This will definitely be a yearly trip!