Look:  This was our first experience with rides and amusement parks.  We decided to go to Dutch Wonderland with the kids and Grandma.  A few days before our trip I began showing the kids photos and talking about DW.  They were uber duber excited and worked up by the time we actually arrived in Lancaster.  They loved, loved, loved going on all the rides.  And they loved that Grandma was there for it!
Learn: A ride with the slowest movement is probably best for my heart.  The first ride we put them on was a whip.  Silly me, I didn't watch the ride go before putting my kids on it.  It whipped around the corner looking like it was giving the kids a bit of whiplash.  After that I was sure to eye up what was happening on the ride before placing my precious children on them.
Love: We made a ton of great memories that day.  Chelsea and Gavin talked about it for days and asked to watch the DW promo on the computer daily.  Since then every once and a while C will ask..."Where did we go with Grandma?"  I'll say "Dutch Wonderland."  Then Gavin will say " I love Dutch Wonderland."  This will definitely be a yearly trip!

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