Look:  A friend introduced me to a local arboretum that is free.  So I've been trying to plan different things to do there.  On this day we were doing a color hunt.  The kids had swatches of color and got to turn them in when they found something with that color.  On the hunt there was running, plant touching and finding shadows (no C isn't mad she is showing me her shadow in that pic).  At the end we sat by a beautiful pond having a snack.
Learn: This was really simple and really fun.  Some of the best fun came when we had to run through sprinklers to continue our walk.  I thought the kids were going to freak out, but instead they asked to run through them numerous times.  Now I just need to find more things to do at this place because it's my new fave!
Love:  I love free, I love fun and this was both.  It always makes me feel like a good mom when we can get out, have fun and learn .  Great combo!

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