A visit with Supermom, aka Katie!

Look: We ventured into the city today to see Katie. She is visiting for a conference and we couldn't wait to see her. As I mentioned before, I used to be a city gal, but since moving to the burbs and having the kids...I haven't gotten there much. We got there early and had time to drive around and scout out Mommy's old hang out spots. Then we met Katie and had a delicious picnic in her hotel room. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I thought it would take C and G a bit to warm up, but because Katie is "supermom" she put them to ease by not pushing hard and interacting with them in just the right way. We crawled, played and ate in the hotel. The highlights were the elevator and the fountain. On the way home both kids fell asleep within 10 minutes of leaving the hotel which is always a sign that fun was had!
Learn: With planning, the city is doable with the two tots in tow. It's great to have friends that are parents too because they are just as flexible and understanding as we would be.

Love: I love seeing my friends from highschool and college. Its so nice to have a chance for them to meet my kids. I can't wait to see Katie's daughter Elizabeth again (now 5) and meet James(who is 2 1/2). I can't believe we are all mommies!

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