Fitness Friday

My intent this year was to get walking.  Wanted to walk 1000 miles.  Well guess what?  I did it.  I was pretty good about charting my progress until I began my second job in September.  Although I kept up my walking, my blogging about it fell short.  So for this last post I wanted to give you the major view from the last few months.

Last blog 9/2: 694 miles
Remainder of Sept:85 miles.  Total:779
October: 90 miles Total: 869
November: 96 miles Total 965
December:70 miles 
Total for the year of 2011 1024!!!

One of the main reasons I set out to do this was to grow more fond of walking.  Mission accomplished.  I have found ways to work walking into everything.  Throughout the year I tried to trade between one and five trips I'd usually take in a car for a walk. Even though the trip would take longer because I was walking, it was worth it because I snuck in a workout.  The main thing I learned this year was by taking a stroll I seriously cleared my head.  The time to think, the time to enjoy fresh air, the time to focus on me was the perk I didn't see coming.  2011 was such a great year, can't wait for 2012!

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