Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Taco and Burrito...yes I make the fillings (ground beef, homemade refried beans, southwest vegetables) and everyone does their own thing.  Usually the kids make mini tacos, Chris makes a pile and dips and I make a burrito. 

Tuesday: Pasta and Meatballs...may have some frozen vegan ravioli to try.  I am heading out with friends, so I will make this before I leave.

Wednesday: We have a date night.  So the kids will be having some leftovers...we have sliced roast beef, chips and hummus with fruit and veg.

Thursday: Roast Chicken Dinner.  Nothing better than cooking a great chicken dinner.

Friday: We'll do some fun pizza with leftover toppings for family fun night.  Our tradition is to have a relaxing dinner then watch a great flick.  This week it's snow buddies!

Saturday:Date night In: Chris and I try to have date night in every so often.  This weekend we will set aside Saturday.  The kids will eat leftovers at dinner time and i will create a delish dish after they are in bed.  It's a TBD based on what we have and what we are in the mood for!

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