Singing in the Rain

  Every time we pass even the tiniest puddle while crossing the street, Gavin almost pulls off my arm to jump in it.  So today as the sky opened up, both my kids were glued to the front window.  They eagerly watched as the streets swelled.  We heard rumbling thunder and saw lightening flash.  My little ones wanted to go for a walk in rain.  I explained that it would have to be later.  Fast forward about two hours and the kids are geared up with their boots and raincoats ready to go!

We made our loop, spotting puddles along the way.  The kids noticed the water flowing into the storm sewers in our neighborhood.  So we had a little lesson and followed them all the way to our creek.  The creek was churned up and as brown as chocolate silk.  It was swollen (not as much as after the hurricane) and reaching up the banks further than on our last visit.  The best part is we were able to spot the drain pipe where the storm sewer water meets the creek.  Sort of fascinating.

My husband doesn't like when he sees people washing off their car, or discharging any sort of liquid into the street.  So I took the lesson one step further and showed them the grates and how they should be kept clean and free of debris.  Conveniently, our storm sewers are labeled with a cute fish logo that says...water only, drains to stream

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