Look::  Tired of seeing pics of my kids at the Please Touch Museum?  Too Bad!  We love it there.  It is the perfect morning.  First we cruise through the cars and buses.  Then we head downstairs for some serious play time in the grocery store, hospital, house and Alice's world.  We do the carousel and lunch before ending our day with the water table.  It's a perfect set up for a stress free day with my two.

 Learn::  Each time we are there I see new things.  Yesterday I noticed a whole section of blocks in the train area.  My kids are hard core into legos and large building blocks, but we have nothing like these.  So they got into stacking and building right away.

 Love::  Sometimes I am not up for the ride down to PTM.  But I should be every time, because this morning is filled with laughs, memories and well behaved kids.  What else could I ask for?

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