Hershey Park

Look: My kids love amusement parks. The rides thrill them to pieces.  So what could be better than a day in Hershey Park with Grandma!!!!  There were tons and tons of kiddie rides. The park had them grouped in little clusters which made riding them super easy.  I was surprised to see how many were miniatures of adult rides.   Hershey Park is a great day with little ones.  We went before school let out so there were no lines and the kids rode the rides...over and over and over!  Such Fun!

Learn:  I was smart enough to bring safe chocolate along with us.  My kids have never had a candy bar. This brand is enjoy life chocolate and I highly recommend it.  Whole foods and wegman's sell them and they are delish.  I use them in recipes and this day they came in handy for an awesome treat!  It was funny that the kids didn't know any of the candy bar characters walking around...but hey, there are worse things.  I personally love peppermint patties and was drooling over the desserts offered in the park.  Maybe next time I will indulge in a treat!
 Love:: This may have to be a yearly event because we had a great day.  Chelsea and Gavin could not decide what was better...the rides? or being with Grandma all day!!!  I enjoyed seeing smiling faces on a warm sunny outing in our beautiful pennsylvania! 

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