What's for Lunch Wednesday...bentos!

Bento Lunch
This one is for me.  I made a garden salad with tomatoes, radish and two types of salad from the farmers market.  In the compartments are leftover skirt steak and diced peaches.  The small white container has a homemade italian dressing.  The kids have some pita chips with their lunch, I will steal 2 and crumble for instant croutons.
The kids have hummus in a container, peaches, meatballs on a stick and tortilla triangles.  Not in the picture are their juice boxes,banana and pita chips. The hope is that they will make tiny meatball tortilla wraps and enjoy chips with dip.  But I have a feeling they will be tiny chefs and make their own creations.  Lately it has been hard to gauge how much they will eat.  So I always bring along fresh fruit that is uncut.  This way if they are hungry they can munch out more.  If not I haven't ruined the fruit by cutting it.

 Here is them enjoying their bentos with their friends at Ikea!

 This was another lunch on the go.  Easy, peasy!  Pretzels, grapes and whole grain rounds with cream cheese substitute and jam.

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