Walking in the woods

Look:: On almost every trip we make to the mountains, we do a walk in the woods.  It is such fun!  The kids always expect to see some animals.  I am hoping we discover something other than butterflies and birds soon, so they don't lose their zeal for going.  Lots of the trails in Pa can be called breathtaking.  On this we went to a nearby nature trail and it is my favorite.  After a short walk in the woods with a beautiful wide stream rapidly flowing to the left, you reach some amazing rock and fall formations that are not to be missed.
Learn:: Each time we go I sort of learn something new.  On this day, I learned many of the sticks on the ground are shaped like the letter Y.  Seriously, walk through a wooded area and there you will find the fabulous letter Y.  Gavin is learning his letters and finding the sticks cemented this letter in his brain.
Love::  I love the time we spend as a family at the mountains and lake.  But the walks are close to my favorite.  There is no urgency, no televisions, no worries...just us alone in a quiet surrounding enjoying the beauty  of nature, our kids and each other.

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