Back to Bentos

 Look: So I need to get back into bentos.  Simply put, more effort goes in therefore they get a better variety and eat better when we're out and about.  Each child had the same: hummus and chips, plastic cupcake cup of granola, apple slices, salami rolls and a chocolate chip muffin.  We went to Ikea and enjoyed lunch by the toys!
Learn:  I had forgotten how much I love doing these and how much the kids enjoy them too.  Thinking of doing these more (especially ahead of time when we have weekend guests) and even for when we are home.  A few times a week the adults are eating something else, so it makes sense to have these ready to go.
Love: There is a bit of a creativity outlet in making a bento box pretty.  I have not mastered it, but still it is fun to get my imagination going, even if it just for lunch.

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