Playing in stores

Look:  There are a lot of errands in my week.  Grocery stores, libraries, target, hardware stores...whatever.  I give myself 15 to 30 minutes extra for each errand.  This way it gives the kids time to play a bit.  Every store has some aisle they love.  In our library there is a turtle.  At target they sell toys.  Wegmans has trains hanging from the ceiling.  Lowe's has the tractor section So this is just a picture to show our fun.
Learn:  I learned this lesson a while ago, happy kids means a better shopping experience for me.  Sometimes when I am rushing it ends in shambles.  The kids end up getting upset and the errands don't go well.  
Love:  I love crossing things off my to do list.  Letting the kids have some fun is my key!

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