Fitness Friday...hit 500

Last week
Saturday 9 miles
Sunday 1 miles
Monday 2 miles
Tuesday 2  miles
Wednesday 5 miles
Thursday 4 miles 
Friday  5 miles
Total last week:: 28 miles

This Week
Saturday3 miles
Sunday 3 miles
Monday 3 miles
Tuesday 2  miles
Wednesday 2 miles
Thursday 4 miles 
Friday  5 miles

This week 22 miles
Total in 2011: 515

Passed 500, sort of a good achievement in my walking goals.  And its June so we're halfway through the year.  Good news is my heel is all healed up.  So in addition to walking I may be able to get the running a bit back in.  In the summer it's easy to add walking into our days.  I used my double jogger and walk to playgrounds, the library, friends homes and the farmers market.  At our vacation spot we walk back and forth to the beach a couple times a day which is a great way to keep up the miles.  But what I forget with all the staying up late is to get up early enough to walk alone as exercise.  So in the upcoming months and this beautiful walker friendly weather I need to make the time to walk by myself.

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Theresa said...

Congrats! 500 miles is a LONG way! You should be really proud. Very impressive.