Meal Plan Monday

Our lives have been uber hectic between work and trips...meal planning was usually done that day.  This week have a bit of a breather (sort of) so I've made up some plans.

Monday:: Homemade pizza dough for flat breads.  The kids usually pick just to put tomato sauce on theirs, but I'm putting veggies too.  We'll grill these to save from heating up the kitchen.

Tuesday:: Quesadillas  Going to try this for the first time, going to use homemade refried beans to stick the tortillas together instead of cheese.  We'll put in some some taco meat and veggies.

Wednesday::Sandwich and salad night.  Nice and cool, plus super easy.

Thursday:: Something from the freezer.  Again easy!!!!

Friday:: Grill out fun...TBD from one of my cookbooks and what is on sale when we hit the grocery store.

Saturday:: Going to a friends for an outdoor dinner.  Will bring bentos for the kids and I haven't decided what I'll bring to the party...again cookbooks and sale items!

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