Look:: I signed my sweet boy up for Gymboree class in March.  He needed the structure of a class and a way to practice gross motor skills.  With the cold weather we hadn't been to a playground in weeks.  I fondly remember taking Chelsea and how much she loved it.  Well, Gavin loved it even more.  He runs into gymboree squealing with excitement.  After greeting his teacher, he actively participates in all the activities and tries every piece of equipment.
Learn:: I've learned a lot about what makes Gavin tick over the past few weeks.  He has a real sense of accomplishment when he completes a task.  He has better gross motor skills than I thought.  And finally he is much better behaved than I would have ever imagined in a school setting.  So now I'm not so worried about sending him to school in the fall.
Love::  Besides loving the reaction of my little guy I love open playgyms.  About once a week I take both my cutie pies there and they play like crazy.  It's the perfect way to spend an hour or two.  I will be sad next week when we go to our last class.  But I'm happy to have the memories.

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