pancake shapes

Look:: Don't worry about my sanity, but I've begun trying to make pancake shapes for the kids.  This was my first attempt.  I put the regular pancake mixture I use with a bit more water added (about 3 to 4 Tbsp).  It seems like it will take some practice to make the shapes look really good.  I was also  not happy that it didn't get a flat surface on both sides.  One side came out a bit bubbly instead of flat.
Learn::  I tried shapes, bunnies, letters and butterflies.  I learned to outline first.  When the outline solidifies, fill in the outlines with more batter.  If there are any lumps, it can mess up your shapes because it clogs the nozzle then explodes out.  This happened several times. My sweet daughter would cheer anyhow and tell me what it looked like.  The kids inhaled these sans syrup!  That got me so excited because they are a sticky, icky mess with syrup.  Gavin and Chelsea ate an entire recipe of pancakes.  Usually we all share and have some leftover, but this day I had two hungry bunnies, looking for bunny cakes.

Love::  I loved how these turn out and the fact that my kids loved them.  I will definitely make these again!

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Jan said...

Great Grandma used to make initials and shapes. Your butterfly was good.