Monday Makeover ...a memory spot

I've been steadily chipping away at my spring cleaning.  Only a few more tasks and we'll be ready for the warmer weather.  While working around the house I noticed a completely blank wall in  he hallway.  It's a little space right between the end of the fireplace and the coat closet.  Lately I've been really missing my parents.  So I thought why not make a little memory spot.  I reframed a bunch of photos of them and hung them on the blank wall.  It's a sort of hidden spot that isn't visible unless you're at the fridge or walking in the hall.  Perfect for lots of quick glances through out the day.  This craft was completely free because I used up all my old frames and cute papers. I am going to keep adding pictures of our grandparents, my aunts and uncles who are in heaven and of course....Millie.  

Blank Boring Wall

Crafting with my photo cutter, old photos and cute scrapbook paper.

The photos all done up before hanging them.  Gosh my parents were really cute!
The end result. I am very happy to have this special spot in my home!

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