Monday Meal plan...super easy and quick week

Monday:: I'm defrosting ground beef patties I made a few weeks back with extra beef.
Perfect for the warm weather.

Tuesday:: Chris and I are heading to Season's 52 for dinner...yum!
The kids will get to pick their dinner that night (they love playing restaurant, and I thought this would be fun before we head out at bedtime...plus doesn't every mom feel like a short order cook? why not make it fun).

Wednesday::5 Ingredient Chili
browned ground beef, crushed tomatoes, diced veg, beans and spices 
okay, so it's more that 5 but I use bagged combo veggies and a spice blend...super duper easy

Thursday::  I'm off to the For Pete's Sake Fashion Show  The family will have leftovers

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:: Off to the poconos!  I will bring leftovers, two already prepared frozen meals and probably get a meal out...yay for vacay!

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