Tiny Superheroes

Look:: What does it feel like to have three tiny superheroes playing fabulously?  Great.  On this day Chelsea's sweet friend came over after school.  These little gals see each other two times a week for school, then two times a week for playgroup and gymnastics.  So I wasn't sure if this was going to be overkill.  But it wasn't!!!  The kids played really nicely.  There were no power struggles over toys or gear.  Chelsea even gave up her favorite pink dishware to her friend and Gavin then gave up his blue dishware to Chelsea.  And when we went up to check, this is the adorable scene I found...superhero's...superwhyy(Gav), princess presto (adalyn) and super butterfly girl (chelsea)
Learn:: I learned that a great playdate can not only entertain your kids, but you as well.  These kids were cute and playful and fun!  It was nice to chat with my friend for a bit and fawn over her little guy while the kids played.   A taught C how to pull herself onto the toilet all by herself (which of course she has been doing since that day...no stool!)   I wasn't sure if Gav was going to cooperate, but what I learned is that he will, especially if it means playing with the big kids!
Love:: I don't play favorites, I love all of Chelsea and Gavin's little friends and classmates.  But our playdate this day was special and fun.  Every one of us had a nice time and C and G have been talking about it ever since!

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