Game nights

Look:: Almost every week we have a game night with the kids.  It usually is after dinner and before bed.  The kids love games like topsy turtle, bingo, uno moo and other fun games. 
Learn:: Our kids are learning valuable lesson about playing nicely.  In addition they are learning some major concepts.  These games are reinforcing counting, letter, number and matching skills.  It is neat to watch their personalities during games.  Chelsea is always wanting to help her little brother, not so much going for the win.  While Gav just wants to do his own thing.  They get really excited if I say it's game night...about the same excitement as movie night.  Which is great because this ends up being a quiet, calm way to spend the evening without the tv.  Plus it's filled with fun, laughs and memories for each of us.
Love::  Growing up I always loved games.  I would beg my brothers to play.  Even now at most family events I try to get them to play  (usually I rope in my nieces and nephews and get my game fix that way).  It is such a nice treat to spend this great time together.  I look forward to the nights where nothing is on the calendar and we can just play games!

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