Animal Play and the zoo

Look: We made Giraffe and Lion headbands....yes please stretch your mind to think giraffes are pink and purple per Chelsea's request.  Our plan was to go to the zoo. Chelsea loves our schedule so much she asks....what are we doing for craft?  So we added some felt stuff to headbands.  The kids enjoyed this.

Learned: I learned I have no business making animal headbands.....seriously they looked awful.  Oh well.  The kids learned lots about animals on our umpteenth visit to the zoo.  We saw wandering peacock,  lots of animals were out because of the great weather.  We had a ball!
Love: The zoo is my new favorite place. Mostly because it inspires my kids to watch the nature channel and be interested in animals.    Each time we visit, the kids get a great view of many different animals. I am so glad we got this membership so we could enjoy animals, nature channels and time together!

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