Barbie Time

Look:: This weekend the boys slept in while Chelsea and I played Barbies.  We went through the usual barbie play.  Everyone got a new outfit. Each guest knocked at the door and was greeted by the host Tianna. Everyone sat in the living room for a party.  C said it was a "mommy party".  
 Learn:: This little munchkin is watching when I don't think she is.  I hosted a few ladies for book club this week.  We also had my grade school friends and their children for some play time.  Chelsea mimicked the greetings with her Barbies!  My little girl is watching every thing I do...uh oh! 
Love::  This special alone time with Chelsea was a lot of fun.  She enjoys rambling on and on telling me about the stories she has created.  It is a blast to watch the wacky outfits she selects for her dolls (must make more barbie clothes).  I started out trying to do something nice for my husband by letting him sleep.  But it was actually me who got something nice!

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Jan said...

Barbie time looks like fun!! I really enjoy the blog.