Noah's Ark

Look: We played with stuffed animals today. I cleared out their stuffed animal basket and put G inside. One by one I took each animal and made its noise then put it in the basket. C joined right in when she heard the animal sounds. G would set his eyes on one animal, then slowly move his hands to reach it. Once he got the animal in his hot little hands he'd use all his might to pull it right to his...mouth. Some animals tasted good, some didn't (the hairier ones = funny faces).
Learn: G is developing so fast! A few weeks ago he had trouble focusing and getting something with his hands...now he can get it and eat it! I also learned I need to learn the noises that a caterpillar and turtle make...does a pink spotted dog say "wuff, wuff" ? Today I also realized that C thinks some of the animals are only for her. She would say "my" and take them from G. One time out later, she was still trying to get any animal that G had...ug!
Love: I loved doing something that G would enjoy. His concentration face is wonderful and I"m impressed by his focus on getting what he wants. I loved Noah's ark!

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