Anything for a laugh

Look: Today we spent the day trying to find out what makes G laugh. He is in the stage now where he squeals, grunts and giggles. In the process of trying to get him laughing C had a ton of fun too. We made silly faces (first in the mirror, then at each other). There was a dance party at some point. Story time was using funny voices and being wacky. Together we made all kinds of sounds. It was really fun. I didn't try to get the smiles on camera, just wanted to enjoy them myself (I'm greedy). But I did get one back and forth from dinner on a short video. It may sound like they are both screaming, but just ask Chris...they were using shrill laughter and talk to amuse each other.
Learn: Simply put, today I learned that laughter is the best medicine. If you're ever having a gloomy day, just get your kiddos to crack up and let yourself enjoy it. You'll be cheered up at least for a little while.
Love: I love the interaction (I know I sound like a broken record) between C and G. Their adorable little faces and cute little laughs are burned in my memory...how fun!

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