Rolling and Sorting

Look: We have 2 days worth of fun! G learned to roll yesterday (thus the video). So we spent most of the day on the floor, rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and ...you get the idea. Yesterday it was all about G. C and I cheered for him, rolled with him and had a happy time doing it! Today we played a sorting game with our bins and toys. We lined up four colored bins and I collected toys. Then C picked one toy out at a time to put in the bins.

Learn: As much as I tried to teach G to roll, he did it when he was good and ready. This was an excellent lesson for this over zealous mother. Today I learned that C has no idea how to sort or I should say...she sorts her own way. I watched for patterns, colors, shapes...nothing. It was just putting objects in the bins however she wanted. What do I expect for an almost 19 month old! Reguardless of the fact that I am not really "teaching" my kids anything, I am sure learning a ton from watching and playing with them.

Love: G rolling is exciting. He thinks it is, C thinks it is and so do I. I love that he is getting big! Also today I loved learning that C thinks in her own way, she wasn't about to conform and put things of similar colors into buckets....she did it her way....and for that I love her even more than I did before!

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