Making a Menu

Look: We have an adorable little kitchen down in our family room. Recently I ordered some cool wood food for C to pretend with in her kitchen. She loves it! She spends a big chunk of her day running food back and forth to G and I. At snack time she always ask for more then sneaks it into her kitchen. So today we started making some menus. While G was napping, we had a very fun time playing in the kitchen. We set up the table with plates and took different pictures of the food. I think C thought it was weird that I wasn't aiming the camera at her for a change. Then after her nap time she colored a piece of cardboard that will become her menus. We ran out of time to finish, so I'll post pictures later.
Learn: I learn so much every time I watch C play in her kitchen. Today was no exception. Kids are so observant, they watch and absorb everything you do. C put her little wooden food into different dishes and pots and put them in and out of the oven and cupboard and on the burners. At one point she announced that it was "hot" and proceeded to blow on her food (so cute). Also she mimics me when I take pictures by putting fingers near her eyes and making a clicking noise (also so cute).
Love: I love that at 18 months my daughter already knows how to pretend. She loves when I sit right in the kitchen with her and play. C becomes absolutely thrilled when I ask for some food and runs happily to the kitchen to get it. Its a delight to watch her. I can't wait until G is big enough to play too, the fun we will all have.

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Auntjune said...

We're blogging! What a great idea!!

Isn't Motherhood wonderful? We have so much to "teach" our children but we "learn" so much from them!