Look: Today we made an apple pie and some mini cherry pies. We're testing
out milk and egg free recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was feeling brave so I let C help. All we had to do was add 2 ingredients to the pie mix. C mixed and mixed while I poured. Then we used our hands to press it into the pans. This part was very fun for her until she decided to pop a big ball of nasty dough into her mouth. I had to reach in her mouth to get it and she was rather upset. We finished our crusts, added canned filling and put them into the oven (i did that part, not C). After that she ran to the chair she was standing on and wanted more...but there was nothing left to make, so she was very sad!
Learn: If I have an easy recipe or I do the correct prep work, she can help. By help I don't mean it will be easier, but it will be more fun for both of us. I also learned to always read the labels...our crust was labeled milk and egg free, but also gluten free which made it a bit gritty and weird (sorry aunt june and uncle ron).
Love: I loved the way C followed directions, I am so proud of her. It was fun to try this sort of thing with her. She loved helping and when she saw Daddy eating some she was really excited and walked over to talk to his bowl of pie! This day is a really nice memory and a glimpse of the fun I have to look forward to!

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