Fun in the Sink

Look: Today I filled up our sink with warm water, soap and C's play dishes. She spent over 30 minutes playing with bubbles, water and the toys. G. started out in his exersaucer but then wanted in on the action, so I moved him to the counter (don't worry I never moved from his side.) Besides spilling some tea cups full of water, this was a very clean activity.
Learn: C really loves to play in the tub. She also loves her water/sand table, so I knew this would be a hit. Luckily I had learned before not to let her wear regular clothes, she's wearing her rash shirt. The major thing I learned was that this was so fun, it was too hard to stop...C was quite upset when the water went down the drain.
Love: I love watching C play and transfer bubbles and water from container to container. She was so cute. The best part was when G got to the counter she kept trying to show him the bubbles....in the process she was spilling everywhere.

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