Look: We decided to put up our tree before Thanksgiving. Last year we didn't end up getting the tree up at all because of some construction going on in our home...so this year we are overcompensating. Anyhow G took turns on Mommy and Daddy's lap while the other parent decorated with C. She only could get the hang of putting on the wooden candy canes, but she did say "ahhh" a lot about the lights.

Learn: The big thing I learned is that traditions have to start young. Little ones have no idea why we're hanging things on a tree when its cold outside. But doing it year after year will make it a tradition they will come to enjoy. Also, we realized today breakable objects up high, non breakable objects low...we're rookies!

Love: After we finished, we had Xmas music cranking and C took two of the wooden candy canes (yes the same ones she had placed) and danced around the room shaking them in the air. I thought to myself , this is what holiday seasons are about...the children.

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