Bag for Grandma

Look: Today C. used some paint brushes and puffy paint to make an awesome reusable bag for Grandma. Grandma is coming to babysit tomorrow and we wanted to make something nice as a thank you. C. began by using one brush and gently swiping the paint around. Then after a little while she began saying "more, more" and demanding more paint. By the end she was using two brushes and really getting into it.
Learn: Watching my 18 month old paint taught me that we are all born with a creative instinct. She knew just how to swirl the paint and where to spread her colors. But I think if I let her she would have covered every inch! I also learned to have extra paper and projects to do when painting because the bags only took a few minutes.
Love: I love that C. felt super special. She was so proud that when a visitor came over she had to show her the bags she had made. Another thing to love is that Grandma certainly will go nuts for the bag!

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