Shoes and Hats

Look: Today we played dress up with shoes and hats. So far C only loves to carry my shoes, especially the slingbacks..they are like tiny purses to her! But a few days ago I realized it might be a good challenge for balance while walking. She did great in my ballet flats and her bots, but she hated trying my sneakers. G only tried the sneaks and is looking very dapper. Then it was onto hats. We tried on tons of types and looked in the mirror.
Learn: C loves to look in mirrors! Each time she would get a new hat on, she'd rush to the mirror to check herself out. She prefers to wear baseball hats backwards. When it was G's turn she insisted on helping me by covering his entire face with the hats, then lifting it up and saying "Hi" to him. He was not amused and within a few rounds of this was crying. Luckily I got a wide eyed picture before that.
Love: Whenever we're up in the master bedroom, Chelsea usually entertains herself while I get ready. She carries shoes, tries on hats and brings me all the things I don't need (moms with toddlers understand this, I'm sure). So today I loved being part of it! It was also really fun to watch her get excited that G had hats and shoes on. She didn't stop saying "shuuuuus" the whole time we were playing. My favorite thing about today was watching C look in the mirror.

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