Look: Saturday was slide day. It is really cold out this weekend. So we brought C's slide into the family room. First she used it as a traditional slide. Up the ladder, down the slide and repeat! Or if you know toddlers...repeat, repeat, repeat. G even went down a few times with my help. Then after a while we used it as a ball rolling ramp. She'd let the ball go at the top, watch it roll and run to get the ball. G looked like he was watching a tennis match. He tracked the ball almost every time, then watched C run back to do it again.

Learn: If you look at a traditional toy as something else it can double your fun. Also bringing outdoor toys in or vice versa can really help switch it up. G. is now in the phase of loving watching his big sis play. This activity really had him engaged too. Today's activity of having an outdoor toy do double duty has me inspired to look at the things in our house from a fresh new perspective.

Love: C and G love it when I cheer for something. Their eyes light up, a smile spread across their cute little faces and C usually claps up a storm while hopping around (this is awesome...I'll have to get a video soon). So today I spent much of our special time clapping for sliding or rolling and this made it twice as fun. I also love that we didn't turn on the tv or computer or anything for hours this morning and just played with the slide!

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