Jello, Sand and Bubbles

Look: "There is always room for Jello" is a saying I heard my grandfather say throughout my childhood. So when I came across the recipe for jigglers made with juice I thought this would be so much fun. I cut a few stars with theone cookie cutter I own, then made balls with my mellon baller. C. played with them for several minutes, giggling at the consistency and stickiness. Then I popped one in my mouth, she looked at me in disbelief. She ate a few as well. She doesn't seem to care for Jello much. But she did spend a few minutes afterward lifting chunks of star into the air and shaking them like crazy.
Learn: My daughter loves to play with food. Jello is super sticky. The activities I'm planning aren't long enough. Today we ventured outside for sand and bubble time too. G sat mesmerized by our bubble machine while C methodically poured sand from container to container. When it got cold G and I went inside and C felt thrilled to be outside by herself (we were 5 feet away watching inside the door). She is getting to be independent, how great!
Love: I loved seeing C's face when I ate the jello, she was shocked. She liked the special snack and loved being a big girl on her own, even if it was only a few mere minutes. And G....he's easy, he loves bubbles!

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