A book nest

Look: It is really cold out today. More frigid than it has been in a while. Feels like a good day for snuggling with some cutie pies. So this afternoon we mixed it up and made a new configuration in the couch. It had three sides of deep pillows and felt sort of like a nest. G, C and I laid in it reading books. At first G. liked laying against the pillows and wiggling himself down the edges. His sister really thought it was a new couch. She liked bouncing and kicking the pillows. C was even throwing her arms behind her head as if to say "how relaxing!"

Learn: Today's fun thing was really simple. All I needed to do was rearrange a few pillows and chairs...oh, ya...and pick up some old Kixx from under the couch (ewwww!). I think its fun to make old stuff seem new for C and G. It was neat to see her eyes grow wide after nap when she saw the double wide cushions. After reading with the kids we made the couch into a fort using some sheets. Its great to know that on a cold day I can do some simple things and make the day more exciting. I will definitely use our sectional again as a play thing!
Love: I loved being in sweatpants and cuddling with my babies. They loved reading the books. G. looked intently at the brightly colored pages and did a little giggling when under the sheets. I think C loved the fort, more than reading. She also loved having all of us (Daddy too) laying next to one another under the sheet. Book nests are a great idea!
Got this idea from my Gymboree 365 idea book.

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