Long Holiday Weekend

Look: We had such fun this weekend, I'm just catching up on recording it all. On Thursday (Thanksgiving) C. showed off her custom painted turkey. Grandma brought a shopping cart for C and G with her on the holiday. We spent the evening playing grocery store. This was also the activity for Friday because C loved it so much. We set the food up in sections all over the family room. She would roll her cart up to the food and pile it in her cart. Then she'd bring it to me, where I'd pretend to scan it using her play phone and bag it for her. Over the weekend we went away to the poconos. There was a lot of family time with C and G (but no pictures). The main way she played was by exploring a new place. She crawled under the coffee table, pulled herself up on the chairs, jumped on beds and liked seeing someone yell down from the lofted area at the top of the stairs. G liked all the sites in the house. He practiced sitting up in a chaise lounger that had a deep padded back.
Learn: When on vacation I assume fun comes from going out and site seeing. At these young ages it really comes from just being in a new location. It felt like gymboree the way Chelsea was squeezing, pulling up and hopping on things. I also realized this weekend that Gavin is very close to sitting up on his own. I'll be a bit sad when this happens because to me it seems like the infant days are almost over.
Love: I loved playing grocery store with C. My favorite part was that she didn't discriminate or chose with foods went in the cart....they all did! Going on a weekend vacation to our mountain house was wonderful. C's fascination with testing out her abilities was a neat thing to see. I love that there will be so much family time up there to really enjoy with C and G.

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